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Participants, Tajikistan

Military Brass Band of the Commandant of the regiment of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan


The band was created at 26th August 1994 under the Councils of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Chief of the military brass band of the Commandant - Captain Sharipov Daler Murtazoevich.

The band performs a series of specific tasks, including official entertainment on a governmental level. The band participates in all activities associated with troops, for maintaining the cultural level of the national army, and in various state-level concerts and public open air celebrations. Realization of the ceremonial meetings for the Heads of States, the inauguration of the President of the Republic. The band performs with cultural and educational programs, conducts charity concerts within the territory of the Republic. In the structure of the military brass band of the Commandant of the regiment they have the karnaists’s orchestra. The band’s repertoire consists of Anthems of many countries, marches, classical pieces of national foreign and Tajik composers, dances and entertaining-dance music events.

For special occasions the band has developed special military parade uniforms.

From 2010 the head of the military brass band of the Commandant of the regiment became –Captain Daler Murtazoevich Sharipov, he graduated from the Military Institute (military conductor’s faculty) of the Military University in 2007. Daler Sharipov began soldiering with the deputy chief of the orchestra of the garrison. Under his leadership, the team provides musical accompaniment for events of public importance and military ceremonies.

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