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Participants, Republic of South Africa

The Transvaal Scottish Pipes & Drums Republic of South Africa


The Transvaal Scottish Regiment is proud to be one of the oldest military units of South Africa. Its history began in 1902, when it was formed from volunteers of Transvaal province.

In 1914 it was supplemented with a second battalion and both took part in the German South Western Africa campaign and in 1916 at the battle near Elwill forest in Northern France. In the course of World War II three battalions of the regiment fought in Eastern and Northern Africa and in Italy Later the regiment was converted into the 7th South African Artillery Regiment, and then merged with the Transvaal Cavalry –Artillery Regiment. At present it is a part of the reserve forces.

The Regimental Pipes and Drums belong to the best bands of South Africa and worthily represent its unit, often winning in the national competitions, including in 2003, 2004 and 2006. Many musicians of the band are champions of their country in solo performance, so the success of the band testifies about the gift of its members. In 1999 the band represented South Africa at the Royal tournament in London in the presence of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

The drummers of the regiment wear a tartan “Merray of Etoll”, and the bagpipers – “Merray of Tallibardin”. The regimental emblem is the Scottish flower thistle with Gaelic motto “Alba num Buadh” (“Scotland – motherland of valour). All these together with the regiment name is accommodated on the star the Order of Thistle The Band is headed by the senior bagpiper Craig Whitley and senior drummer Antony Evans.

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