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Participants, Pakistan

Pakistan armed forces band


The Armed Forces Band came in to existence at the time of partition in 1947. It was in fact the continuation of the Royal British Armed Forces traditions. Since 1947 the Band contingents of Armed Forces are playing their vibrant tunes of National Anthem and other national songs to boost the morale of the nation in general and Armed Forces in particular.

The Armed Forces bands played laudable role during wars of 1965 and 1971 by playing various patriotic tunes. Armed Forces bands have a vast exposure of the worlds as it participated with contingents spirit in various festivals and commemorative occasions.

The Armed Forces bands contingent is proud to have played tunes of many countries during visits of Heads of states, Heads of Governments and visits of counter parts of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committees to Pakistan.

It is a matter of great pride for Pakistan Armed Forces band to represent Pakistan in Russian International Festival of Military Music from 27 August to 6 Sep 2011.


Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Wahab Khan is presently serving as head of Pakistan Army School of Music. His usual activities related to performance of military band are every year conducts Concert Band at Military Academy for oath taking ceremony of officers before joining Pakistan Army, preparation of Music and Conducting national songs on eve of Independence Day celebrations at Pakistan Military Academy.

Arranges and supervises bagpipe and military band music for ‘Martyrs Day of Pakistan’ to pay tribute to our national/ military heroes at General Headquarters, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Wahab Khan introduced “Oriental Fusion” of highland bagpipe and military band music in 2009. The fusion carries a chain of musical pieces of all the regional /cultural music of Pakistan. The highland bagpipers and military bands marvelously compliment each other which perform live in a spectacular ‘Musical Grand Finale’ that is held towards end of every year/ He created and recorded the first album at Army School of Music out of a pure military band and arranged music to sound symphonic. Composed the first oriental ‘Quick March’ (dedicated to the martyrs who laid their precious lives in war on terror). The march was conceived, created, composed, arranged, sequenced, recorded at Army School of music, written and performed by Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Wahab Khan.

Lieutenant Colonel Wahab is a natural Alto Saxophone, Keyboard, Piano and harmonium player. On assumption of command of Army School of Music took on introducing a Recording studio at army school of music which is at par with any renowned Recording Studio in Pakistan.

Besides working on Sound and Graphics the officer has a special knack for working with music composing software. He established a computer laboratory at Army School of Music where he trained the students in composing on music software. This has become a permanent segment of almost all the courses, run at army school of music where numerous innovations and creativity is experimented.

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