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Participants, Kazakhstan

Band and Squadron of the Honor Guard of the Republican Guard of Kazakhstan

2006, 2007, 2009-10, 2012

The Republican Guard of Kazakhstan was created in 1992 as a military music unit for the state protocol events with ceremonies carried out by the divisions of the Honored Guard. Four kinds of uniform have been designed for the soldiers of the Honor Guard, decorated with the national symbols: guards’ aquamarine uniform for special occasions and white uniform coats for the officers.

Head of the Honor Guard of the Republican Guard is captain Kanat Azimbaev. He graduated cum laude from the Military Institute of the Ground Troops of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan in 2004. He served as Platoon Commander in the Republican Guard and, further, as Deputy Commander of the Honor Guard Squadron. In 2007 he was appointed to the current position.

The unit headed by Kanat Azimbaev participates in the state protocol ceremonies and in the relief of the honored guards conducted since 2001. The President’s Band includes a brass section, chamber music bands, song and folk dance ensembles. The repertory includes almost all the international hymns, marches, dancing music, classic music by the foreign and Kazakh composers.

Since 2007, lieutenant colonel Talgat Berdigulov has been the Head of the President’s Band of the Republican Guard. He began his service as a musician of the brass band of the Higher All-arms Command College of Alma-Aty. He also graduated from the Military Bandmaster department of the Moscow State Conservatory of Tchaikovsky in 1999.

Since 2007 Talgat Berdigulov has been the Head of the President’s Band of the Republican Guard that accompanies the state protocol events and military ceremonies under his direction.The bandmaster is laureate of the Republican and international music competitions and the author of a range of music pieces.

Official website of the Republican Guard of Kazakhstan: www.guard.kz

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